Knosis and Magurele Science Park join forces

We are glad to announce that we join forces with Măgurele Science Park community for a fruitful partnership that will bridge the gap between the business and academic environment.

At Knosis, we are passionate about transforming the fruits of state-of-the-art research and innovation into real-world use cases, which deliver measurable business value.  Knosis.AI offers access to a marketplace for Augmented Artificial Intelligence (AAI) in which human attention and knowledge meet Machine Learning algorithms, creating Hybrid Intelligence capable of encoding/decoding, classifying and processing visual and textual patterns, and (semi-) natural language processing (NLP). Thus, Knosis offers a HUB for AI, where you have access to:
  •       Augmentation for data in any format (image, text, video, audio, IoT in-field measurements)
  •       Experts for augmenting the data, including sensitive data
  •       Data management system (DMP), with highly secured access control
  •       Pre-trained AI models that can be re-trained, calibrated, tested and published directly from the HUB
  •       User-friendly pattern models’ dashboard 
  •       AI map to compare the quality of the AI models in relation to the market and to the state-of-the-art 
 Our expertise is a well-knit puzzle of machine learning, data integration and management and service-oriented enterprise IT architecture and development. As the boundary between human and digital consciousness becomes more difficult to navigate through, modern workers want to acquire skills that give them long-term personal and professional autonomy. This is why Knosis uses a technology that is being patented (Human-to-Human, Human-to-Machine, Human-to-Machine-to-Human, H2M2H) to combine the two learning streams. Thus, people help the AI to learn, while the AI help people to develop automation & scripting skills and learn common expressions in a user-friendly environment, without the need for coding skills and knowledge, so that attaining digital and coding skills becomes a natural and social process. Therefore, we are looking for partners to join us in this journey. Our vision is to remove the barriers between human and artificial intelligence. We believe in a world of equal access to information, in which the goal of innovation becomes sustainability of life, culture, education and environment.

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