AI & SDGs | What Clicks Actually Mean

Bogdan Bocșe, CEO @ Knosis.AI, discussed the link between Artificial Intelligence and the Sustainable Development Goals.

Here is the episode:

AI & SDGs | What Clicks Actually Mean

We need to transform the sort of environmental and sustainable development goals, we need to transform them into perceivable immediate actionable sets, and very offensive, very, not offensive, but very aggressive.

All AI solutions, which are trained exclusively with data coming from a single human person, are biased.

So basically, if you take the word of any single person, you are biased.

So basically, all the solutions that are using judgments or labels or supervision of any sort from a single person per case are by definition of the word bias, and we have solutions for this.

And we have a solution that instead of avoiding bias, measures the types of bias that are being experienced. It actively tests the user request to trick the user of having a biased procedure.

It goes that way to explicitly not having a bias to see if it goes the other way: by removing part of the context to see if it was the other way.

And I will give you a very simple example of a prototype that we built. We haven’t deployed it yet for the customer, but maybe we’re lucky this year. We have this solution for augmenting data and measuring the bias because we wanted to use it for measuring consecutive bias.

We don’t have this product yet. We have a lot of other projects. I won’t do this marketing campaign right now, but the idea is like this, we go to a company and go like:

Do you want to know what sort of biases your Executive Board has?

Cool! Give them this link.

And that link gives you a series of very boring administrative tests: look at some resumes, read some e-mails, but it’s booby-trapped.

For instance, if I show you the profile of a person, I will measure whether you click on the pictures of a certain job, more often than the pictures of something else.

Also if you click on the picture from a CV, you are biassed.

If you click, if you express intention of seeing, you are biassed.

My girlfriend always makes fun of me:

You know, you will have so many girls that you will need to interview, you have so many girls that will be around you. And I go like yeah, but my point is to make sure that I’m a good manager. I want to make sure that I do not put into me information that I know will hurt my decision process.

It is my job to protect myself from being a sexist. – Bogdan Bocșe, CEO @ Knosis.AI

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